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I was lucky enough to try this beauty the TEVOUP DRAGON HOTEND V2. I can say without a doubt it was worth all the money. Of course, the story does not start here… let's go back a little.



" "There were minor issues with my old hotend, but luckily the Homers team of experts was still available to me. I asked them to help because it's not nice what I'm printing. There's something wrong with my printer."”

„I sent the picture and they knew right away that all I had to do was tighten a few screws and replace the hotend. What luck I thought!"

Of course, the above story is just a joke, there was no need to change the hotend! :D


But now let's take the word seriously!

When I saw the Dragon hotend in the Homers showcase I decided I should give it a try. First only because it is beautiful. Secondly, because it is not cheap, and if it is hard, it is a straight path to high quality.

Of course the price was shocking for $ 100 already getting some poor quality 3D printer. But whoever wants to evolve makes sacrifices. As a good friend of mine, Tarek, said, "I'm not asking for permission from my wife, I'm ask sorry," so I ordered the Dragon hotend and waited up to two weeks until it arrived.



When the package arrived I didn’t believe my eyes, it was so small that I thought something was missing. Dragon Hotend arrived in a cardboard-packed plastic box. The wearing parts were, however, packaged separately. True, it would be come in a kitschy box with a gold-edged brochure, but I think those are the costs they deduct from quality. I only missed a small sponge bed, which, if nothing else, would have been enough for the new hotend as an apparent defense.

But let it be, packaging is not everything. Let's see what they put in the box.

Screws, a wrench, a nozzle, and spare parts for a Teflon lock. Or some terrible-tasting gray cream pudding that turned out to be a thermal conductor to the heating block. : D It doesn't matter now, at least I won't be hot in the summer.


  • Superior heat break performance
  • Increased structural rigidity
  • 450°C rated for larger temperature operating range
  • Drop in replacement for E3D V6 hotend
  • The HF version(High Flow Capacity) is the same overall dimensions as the standard one