Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)
Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)

Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)


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  • Delta 3D printer: As with most delta 3D printers, the moving components of the Tevo Little Monster are very lightweight. That makes the hotend easier to travel, resulting in faster printing speed (up to 300 mm/s with greater accuracy). Also, Delta 3D printers are great when it comes to building higher objects.
  • Large build volume: The Tevo Little Monster is made for big prints. It is one of the biggest build volumes available on the market
  • Great components: Most of the mechanical parts are CNC milled aluminum or made with lasercutting. The Tevo Little Monster comes with lightweight components which makes it easier for the hotend to travel resulting faster printing speed of up to 300 mm per second with greater accuracy.
  • Extuder: It’s extruder system comes pre-assembled with everything clearly labeled. It is a Titan flying extruder system with V6 using a Volcano nozzle and the printer auto calibrates before each new job to make sure the print bed is leveled perfectly.
  • Heated Bed: The printer boasts of a glass ceramic 3D printing bed that can heat up in 2 minutes to 140°F or 60°C. It draws its power from the AC current directly, so it heats up fast.
  • Openbuilds aluminum extrusion: It has openbuilds aluminum extrusion 4080 with a modular structure and prints Multi Filaments PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, HIPS, WOOD, PVA, and Nylon.
  • Touch screen&Auto bed leveling: It also features a MKS TFT28 Touch screen with Smoothieware powered motherboard and has an 3D touch auto bed leveling sensor. Models can be loaded via an SD card. Alternatively, you can hook up the machine to a computer and print directly from there and when it comes to 3D slicing, the printer offers a dedicated version of Cura for it.
  • Fast assembly: The Tevo Little Monster comes with major parts pre-assembled. You should be able to have the printer up and running within one to two hours of assembling. After unwrapping, you have to attach the rods to the base and top, patch the cables, install the extruder, feed the filament, install the software and start your first print with the Tevo Little Monster.
  • Hackable: The Tevo Little Monster is highly hackable. If you are interested in switching parts, here’s a great collection of 3D printable parts on Thingiverse. Some parts are also made open source.


  • Easy assemble: 80% assembled, 20% unassemble    
  • Large Build Size: D340x500mm  
  • Max Printing Speed: 300 mm/s
  • Full CNC Structure  
  • Titan Extruder
  • Openbuilds Aluminium Extrusion 4080  
  • Prints Multi Filaments PLA, ABS,Flexible PLA, HIPS,WOOD,PVA, Nylon  
  • Modular Structure  
  • Easy to Use,Simple Maintenance  
  • MKS TFT28 Touch screen  
  • AC 220V Glass ceramic heatbed heats Faster  
  • Auto-calibration with 3D Touch  
  • Smoothieware
  • Firmware: Smoothieware & Custom Made Auto leveling by Antclabs Bltouch


Download Firmware Here: Google Drive

user manual

Download User Manual Here: Google Drive

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Waste of money
Little monster that could

Missing parts. Got them hmm load on extruder means unload and unload means load wait the printer will work…… Nope. The bl touch wait that thing that levels the bed slam bam scratch o it levels so good. Order tried to cancel my order on 2/5/2022 o wait Chinese New Year 1/31/2022 - 2/6/2022 first day back is on the Feb 7. I would like to cancel my order o wait your order is filled it’s coming. Wait you meant the dock got it on 2/11/2022 and was put o the ship on 2/17/2022 all lies company is a fraud. People got 3d printers cause there tech service knows nothing hope there FACEBOOK CUSTOMERS ARE GETTING PAID TO FIX YOUR 3d printer that doesn’t work. My friend that held my business stole from me millions and from you but now I own it and I steal from you my loyal customers!! Fraud scam……

Asked for a return label 2/5/2022,2/6/2022,2/7/2022,2/9/2022,2/10/2022. From all the way through waiting for my missing parts don’t worry customer it will work I got a $827.21 paper weight.

Michael Morse
Beautiful print

Look what I did with my Little Monster

Richard Alford
Giant beast

It arrived well packaged and with all the complete pieces, it took me about 4 hours since I unpacked it until I made my first impression. Now I will buy some dampers and some TL-smoother to obtain better impressions.

Little Monster 3D Printer (340*500mm)

today a small Christmas tree (45 cm high)🤔😂😂😂😂😂 printed on Tevo Little Monster with Colorfabb XT light green

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